Cognitive Platform

Our cognitive measurement technology platform enables multiple clinical products for remote data-capture and intervention, with features designed for extreme patient engagement.  Our proprietary adaptive mechanics allow the software to automatically personalize to the patient's ability level with no clinician input required. We're currently validating each product in a variety of specific patient populations.

Treatment Products


Akili's flagship product line from their proprietary technology platform provides a targeted way to potentially improve cognition and disease symptoms through entirely at-home digital interactions.  These treatment products provide Akili’s proprietary interference™ processing therapy with the aim of improving symptoms of inattention, working memory, and executive function.  High-res data collection enables patient compliance tracking and progress analytics for multiple stakeholders.   The leading product, Project: EVO™ ADHD, is currently being evaluated in the STARS-ADHD study.  Akili plans to seek approval from the United States Food and Drug administration for this potential first-in-class treatment if the results of the pivotal study are favorable.   Additional customized treatment products from this platform are being tested in Autism, Depression, Alzheimer’s disease, and traumatic brain injury.

Screening & Monitor Products


We believe that traditional cognitive tests are barely tolerable for the patient and can lack the sensitivity needed for subtle patient characterization and multiple time point engagement. Measurements over time allow for a plethora of uses, from tracking patients' conditions to understanding the effect of interventions on brain function.  Our Screening and Monitor products allow for short measurements configurable to custom tracking needs (hourly, daily, weekly, etc.).  Each individual assessment utilizes the technology platform’s proprietary measurement of cognitive control in a format that engages the patient. Our goal is higher quality, ultra-frequent, more sensitive cognitive data for use in clinical decision making and clinical trials.


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