Getting to the root of cognitive impairment

We’re creating personalized digital therapeutics engineered to directly improve cognitive impairments. Our medicines look and feel like high-end interactive action video games but, unlike typical video games, they are informed by decades of neuroscience and built with proprietary technology developed to target and treat cognitive impairments at their specific sources in the brain.

Not only is our medicine designed to target the areas of your brain that need it most, it’s designed specifically for you, adapting based on your individual needs.


Explore the science and technology behind our digital treatments

Developed through the collaboration of world-renowned cognitive neuroscientists and acclaimed entertainment and technology designers, Akili has created a proprietary technology platform that represents an entirely new category of medicine.

Built on extensive peer-reviewed research, Akili’s products are designed to deliver sensory and motor stimuli to selectively target and activate specific cognitive neural systems in the brain. The proprietary technology is engineered to directly generate physiological changes in the brain to improve cognitive function.


A pioneering approach

We strive to make treatments that are not just engaging, but captivating to the point that, in the moment, patients forget they are taking medicine.

Our digital medicine is delivered through creative and immersive action video game experiences to keep patients engaged and immersed in the treatment. Our products leverage the fun, deep engagement, and rewards that make games incredibly compelling but, unlike typical video games, this personalized gameplay experience is engineered with adaptive algorithms designed to improve cognitive function.


Our core technologies


Selective Stimulus Management (SSME™) engine 

  • Prefrontal cortex-based cognitive control, via interference processing (multitasking).

  • Key functional dependency for attention, working memory & executive function.

  • Major disorders suffer from inability to process, filter & respond to competing stimuli


Spatial Navigation (SNAV™) engine

  • In Development - details pending


Affective (AAFF™) engine

  • In Development - details pending


The Akili difference


Direct, therapeutic activity

Our products are engineered with patented technology to directly access the neurological systems responsible for certain cognitive functions and generate physiological changes in the brain to improve cognitive function.


Adaptive, personalized treatment

Our digital treatments are engineered with adaptive algorithms and designed to automatically adjust the “dose” to each person’s individual needs, for a personalized treatment experience. Second by second monitoring of individual progress allows doctors and caregivers to continuously monitor and assess treatment.


Captivating experience

We aim to make medicine that is not just fun and engaging, but captivating to the point that, in the moment, patients forget they are taking medicine. Our team includes award-winning video game developers that design experiences to rival some of the world’s leading action video games.


A broad pipeline of programs

Built on our proprietary technology platforms, we’re creating a digital therapeutics designed to directly target and activate specific neural networks in the brain to treat cognitive impairment. We’re currently studying several new technologies and advancing a broad pipeline of potential new products designed to help patients living with cognitive impairment associated with a number of diseases and disorders, including attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), major depressive disorder (MDD), autism spectrum disorder (ASD), multiple sclerosis (MS) and various other diseases.