Prescription Medicine Delivered Through Video Game Experiences


Akili is pioneering the development of digital treatments with direct therapeutic activity, delivered not through a pill but through a high-quality action video game experience.  


Explore the Science and Technology Behind Akili’s Digital Treatments


Developed through the collaboration of  world-renowned cognitive neuroscientists and acclaimed entertainment and technology designers, Akili has created a proprietary technology platform that represents an entirely new category of medicine.

Built on extensive peer-reviewed research, Akili’s products deliver specific stimuli to selectively target and activate specific cognitive neural systems in the brain that exhibit deficiencies from various medical conditions.  


A Pioneering Approach

Akili’s software-based prescription digital medicine is delivered through a creative and immersive action video game experience  to keep patients engaged and immersed in the treatment for the delivery of therapeutic activity with excellent compliance. Treatment looks and feels like a high-end interactive action video game.

Our products leverage the fun, deep engagement, and rewards that make games incredibly compelling but, unlike typical video games, this personalized gameplay experience is engineered with  adaptive algorithms designed to treat a disease or disorder.


Our Core Technologies

Patent-pending, proprietary mechanics targeting key neurological processing systems


Selective Stimulus Management Engine (SSME)

  • Prefrontal cortex-based cognitive control, via interference processing (multitasking). 
  • Key functional dependency for attention, working memory & executive function. 
  • Major disorders suffer from inability to process, filter & respond to competing stimuli


Spatial Navigation Engine (SNAV)

  • In Development - details pending


The Akili Affective Engine (AAFF)

  • In Development - details pending

The Akili Difference


Therapeutically-active Digital Medicine

Proprietary stimulus designed to directly activate neurological networks and functions to lead to symptom improvements.  We go beyond disease or behavior management with the development of digital medicine products  as targeted active treatments.


Adaptive, Personalized Treatment

The algorithms adapt in real-time and between treatment sessions, automatically adjusting the level – or dose – for a personalized experience adapted to the needs of each patient. Treatments continuously challenge patients so it is never too easy or difficult, encouraging them to improve their performance.


Real-time Monitoring

Second by second monitoring of patient progress enables the treatment to continuously track patient compliance and progress, and for those data to be rapidly available to clinicians and caregivers to close the treatment loop performance.


A Broad Portfolio of Programs

Powered by Akili’s technology platform, a range of potential digital treatments are in development. More than a dozen clinical studies are underway, evaluating several potential prescription digital treatments for therapeutic activity across neurology and psychiatry, including Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Major Depressive Disorder (MDD), Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Akili is also developing complementary and integrated clinical monitors and measurement-based care applications to efficiently close the feedback loop between patients and caregivers.