Executive Advisor


Tracy is an award-winning Product Development Executive, experience designer and innovator, with over 20 years experience developing digital products and video games that inspire transformative change.

Most recently, Tracy was the Chief Product Officer at Interaxon, the makers of Muse, the brain-sensing headband, the world’s first portable EEG device to measure your brain activity while you meditate. At Interaxon, she transformed the Muse Meditation app, from an MVP into an authentic UX experience for consumers and mental health professionals, and led R&D for the Lowdown Focus smart glasses and the Smith Focus app for mental training.

Prior to joining the digital health field, Tracy was a Video Game Production/Publishing Executive who transformed people’s relationships with music and with each other through the creation of genre-defining video game franchises: ROCK BAND, DANCE CENTRAL and GUITAR HERO. Over 14 years, from producer to General Manager of Harmonix, she built a 20-person startup into a 300+-employee AAA juggernaut, co-creating a work environment that fostered innovation, excellence and respect. Tracy was a driving force behind game experiences that engaged new markets, sold billions of units, and redefined the party game genre, bringing joy to living rooms around the world.

Tracy holds a BFA in Film and Television from NYU. She spent her first career in the film business. As a member of the Directors Guild of America, with over 20 feature films to her credit, Tracy worked as an assistant director for major Hollywood studios including WARNER BROS., UNIVERSAL, PARAMOUNT, and MGM. Tracy currently advises companies in the digital health, wellness and transformative technology fields.

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