Sharon Hibbert

Senior Product Manager


Sharon Hibbert is a creative leader and digital product owner with a passion for delivering engaging interactive experiences that engage peoples' hearts and minds. She draws upon a rich background in film, theater, counseling psychology, educational multi-media, and experience design. Sharon has shepherded the design and development of mobile apps for Star Wars and for Björk, and interactive exhibits for world-class museums including the California Science Center, the Connecticut Science Center, and the San Diego Natural History Museum. She produced Exploring Time, a science documentary for The Science Channel, website redesigns for major cultural centers, educational games for PBS Kids, and innovative eLearning applications for Fortune 500 corporations. Sharon is a nature lover, rock climber, kayaker, hiker, sci-fi geek and an aspiring wine snob. Though she grew up in "Stiller Country" she spent half of her adult life in Boston before moving to Narnia (aka Marin County California).


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