Bharatt Chowrira, JD, PhD

Board Member


Bharatt Chowrira, JD, PhD, is the President and Chief of Business and Strategy at PureTech Health. Prior to joining PureTech, Dr. Chowrira was the President of Synlogic, a biopharmaceutical company focused on developing synthetic microbiome-based therapeutics, where he oversaw and managed corporate and business development, alliance management, financial, human resources, intellectual property and legal operations. Prior to joining Synlogic, Dr. Chowrira was the Chief Operating Officer of Auspex Pharmaceuticals, which was acquired by Teva Pharmaceuticals. Previously, he was President and Chief Executive Officer of Addex Therapeutics, a biotechnology company publicly-traded on the SIX Swiss Exchange. Prior to that Dr. Chowrira held various leadership and management positions at Nektar Therapeutics (COO), Merck & Co (VP), Sirna Therapeutics (GC; acquired by Merck &Co) and Ribozyme Pharmaceuticals (Chief Patent Counsel). Dr. Chowrira received a JD from the University of Denver’s Sturm College of Law, a PhD in Molecular Biology from the University of Vermont College of Medicine, an MS in Molecular Biology from Illinois State University and a BS in Microbiology from the UAS, Bangalore, India.

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